5 Must-Have Supplies for Architecture School

If you are heading off to architecture school soon, you may want to get a jump start on picking up some of the supplies you will need.  Here’s a list of supplies—some required, and some extremely helpful—to get you started.

  1.  Drafting Board – This is a hard, smooth drawing surface, usually anywhere between 24”x36” or 36”x48”.  This will be used in conjunction with a parallel rule (or T-square if you prefer that instead) to create your drawings.  A laminated surface is recommended.
  2. Architectural Drafting KitIncluded in the kit is an architect’s scale ruler, 45/90 degree triangle, 30/60 degree triangle, dusting brush, and a few other helpful items.  While this is not an all-inclusive kit, it does provide a majority of the necessary items used during the first year of architecture school.
  3. Self-healing Cutting MatA good self-healing mat is important when you begin building some of your models.  It is used to prevent gashes and gouges to your drafting board and studio workspace.
  4. Xacto Basic Knife Set – This goes hand-in-hand with the Self-healing Cutting Mat.  While not all of the blades that come with this set will be used, this is the best assortment of blades for a low price.  Another recommendation is to buy blades in bulk.  You will go through them fairly quickly.
  5. Drawing Pencils – This pack provides a variety of the pencils that you will be using in architecture school.  HB (Lettering), F and H (Drafting), 4B and 2B (Sketching).  The pack also includes sharpeners and erasers.

Recommended Additions:

* Drafting TableWhile it is not a required item, I would definitely recommend getting a table for when you are not in the studio.  You will want it for those late-night projects.