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5 Ways to Pay for College

In the current, strained economy, a college education is the best path toward acquiring a rewarding and productive career. However, finding a way to pay for college is a dilemma that hinders many from pursuing an advanced degree. There are many options available to those who are willing to look. No one should close the door on a college degree when there are numerous alternatives to fund college. Five of the most popular methods are listed below.

There is a host of interesting scholarship opportunities that are open to individuals, many of which are overlooked. Finaid.org is one excellent source that can point students in the direction of unique scholarships. For example, there are scholarships that are offered for left-handed people, Little People of America, tall people, or for individuals with a particular last name. Believe it or not, Loyola University will give a student a free ride through college, for tuition, if he or she has the last name Zolp and is Catholic! In addition, there are scholarships offered for making a prom dress out of duct tape or making a garment out of wool. While these scholarship opportunities do not apply to everyone, it is worth typing in strange, unusual or unique scholarships on search engines to find out if any apply. Minorities and women may find many opportunities. The finaid.org site also provides a link to sites which are offering free scholarship lotteries. It’s all about having the luck of the draw.

Grants are another popular option to pay for college. Collegegrant.net is an excellent source where individuals can discover ways to fund college through potential grants. Grants are a preferred alternative over loans because they do not need to be paid back. Graduates can leave college without a mountain of debt on their backs. Grant opportunities are listed by field. For example, one can click on nursing grants, teaching grants, or law school grants. Grants for minority women, grants for single mothers, and women government grants are other links provided at collegegrant.net. Following these links will require time and more digging. However, a successful discovery is well worth the effort.

Fund College through Job Reimbursement
There are many jobs that will actually pay for college tuition for those who are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in the field. Many employers are eager to have more qualified staff and are willing to assist monetarily. For example, nursing assistants or administrative staff that want to becoming nurses may be able to attend a nursing college that is affiliated with the hospital. There may be no cost or the fees may be substantially lower. The same holds true for nurses who want to become registered nurses or receive their bachelor’s degree. Their employer could assist. In the teaching field, the school may not pay back college loans but will provide higher pay for additional college credits. Many teachers qualify for loan forgiveness for a portion of their federal loans if they work in an impoverished area or a subject area that has a shortage.

Work Study
Many colleges and universities offer work study programs to help students to pay for college. Interested students can acquire at the college of their choice about programs that are available. In exchange for a certain number of hours of work on campus, a portion of college expenses will be paid for through their efforts.

Student loans are another way to pay for college. While many would rather avoid the debt that must be repaid, they are a convenient option. Federal student loan programs generally offer low interest rates and do not have to be repaid until after a student graduates. Students can apply for FAFSA to determine what type of federal aid they are eligible to receive, reducing their overall costs. With some research, it’s possible to find the best deals through private loans that are available as well.

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