Accredited Architecture Schools in Illinois

This is a complete list of all of the NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in Illinois:

There is 1 accredited Bachelor of Architecture School in Illinois.

There are 6 accredited Master of Architecture Schools in Illinois.

Illinois Institute of Technology Architecture School (B. Arch; M. Arch)
Judson University Architecture School (M. Arch)
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Architecture School (M. Arch)
The School of the Art Institute of Chigago Architecture School (M. Arch)
University of Illinois at Chicago Architecture School (M. Arch)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Architecture School (M. Arch)


More on Architecture in Illinois:

Illinois Architecture Statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics reports the following figures for Architects in the state of Illinois.

Mean Annual Salary: $73,640

Mean Hourly Wage: $35.40

Total Employment: 82,770

Active Architecture Firms: 1,092


How do these statistics stack up?

Once home to the tallest building in the world, the state of Illinois offers no shortage of opportunities to professional architects. Illinois architects earn wages close to the national average at $73,640 or $35.40 per hour. There is an abundance of active firms at 1,092 that employ 82,770 people within related professions. The large metropolitan area of Chicago attracts talented architects from all over the country making this an exciting state to launch a career.


Becoming an Architect in Illinois

Illinois has laid out the requirements to become a licensed architect in a simple fashion. You should follow this path closely if you plan on becoming an architect in the state. This becomes especially important if you plan on practicing in a densely populated area like Chicago.

The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation handles the licensing of all professional architects within the state. To keep a minimum quality standard, the state uses the process set by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). This process is identical to what you find in most other states and can be broken down into three major steps.


Accredited College Degree. Illinois offers a total of six well-regarded universities that offer valid programs of study. It is essential that you obtain a degree that has been reviewed and accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Depending on your current level of college experience, you may choose to any of the following routes to obtain an architecture license. (1) Obtain a Bachelor of Architecture with a minimum total of 150 semester hours. (2) Obtain a Masters of Architecture with at least 30 semester hours beyond your undergraduate coursework. (3) Obtain a Doctor of Architecture with at least 90 semester hours beyond undergraduate coursework.


Internship. As you work towards a college degree, it is essential to log hours in the Internship Development Program (IDP). This program is reviewed by NCARB and is designed to provide the experience needed to succeed in this profession. During the IDP, will work with an approved licensed professional and be given the ability to see the daily life of a practicing architect. Over time, you will be making your own decisions and fulfilling the duties as you would in a live setting. You must report a minimum number of hours in the IDP, so it is recommended that you start as soon as possible.


Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The last major accomplishment is to pass all seven parts of the Architect Registration Examination. This fully comprehensive test is required to be passed by architects in all 50 states. Your college education and experience in the Internship Development Program will provide the tools necessary to pass the exam. Illinois requires that you show proof of completion of your college education and the IDP perform you are allowed to sit for the exam.


The Future of Architecture in Illinois

The days of building record-breaking skyscrapers have long been over, but there are still many opportunities for aspiring architects in Illinois. It boasts one of the largest communities of architects in the United States and puts a strong emphasis on creating world-class structures. Growth in Chicago and greater Illinois has slowed down significantly since its peak in the 1970s, but still remains a popular spot for practicing architects. In addition, students from the Midwest flock to its collection of respected NAAB accredited universities to obtain their post secondary education. If you plan on starting your career in Illinois, you will be joining a strong community of established professionals who push the limits of traditional architecture.