Accredited Architecture Schools in Montana

This is a complete list of all of the NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in Montana:

There are 0 accredited Bachelor of Architecture Schools in Montana.

There is 1 accredited Master of Architecture School in Montana.

Montana State University Architecture School (M. Arch)

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Montana Architecture Statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics reports the following figures for Architects in the state of Montana.

Mean Annual Salary: $61,510

Mean Hourly Wage: $29.51

Total Employment: 6,750

Active Architecture Firms: 146


An Analysis of the Figures

As one of the least densely populated states, Montana architecture employment opportunities are fairly limited. Practicing architects in the state can anticipate an average annual salary of $61,510 or $29.51 per hour. The total employment figure sits at 6,750, which is among the lowest in the United States. In 2012, a total of 146 architecture firms were active in the state.  The lack or urban development results in a relatively low demand for the services of professional architects.


Becoming an Architect in Montana

So you want to practice architecture in Montana? The state has laid out a specific set of procedures you must follow to obtain an architecture license. It is advised that you follow these steps closely as you plan to your entry into this career field.

The Montana Board of Architects and Landscape Architects is the regulating body that handles occupational licensing. In order to improve the public welfare, Montana follows the framework set by National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). By adopting the NCARB standards, the state is able to offer a uniform process for all architects applying for a license in the state.


Accredited College Degree. Your first step is to enroll in a quality college level architecture program The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) is responsible for approving programs intended to train professional architects. It is essential to seek out a degree that has this accreditation. Currently, Montana State University is the only college that offers NAAB accredited programs. There are three basic routes you can follow to pursue a compatible education. (1) Obtain a Bachelor of Architecture with a minimum total of 150 semester hours. (2) Obtain a Masters of Architecture with at least 30 semester hours beyond your undergraduate coursework. (3) Obtain a Doctor of Architecture with at least 90 semester hours beyond undergraduate coursework.


Internship. Montana requires that you complete the Internship Development Program, or IDP. As you progress through college, you will contribute unpaid hours to work with a licensed architecture firm. In exchange, you will receive valuable experience that will be directly applicable to your future career. IDP can also be a great environment to network with active professionals in the industry who can help you land a job after graduation.


Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®).  The Architect Registration Examination is a seven-part test that is covers a wide range of topics related to the profession. The skills you develop in college and IDP will provide the preparation needed to pass this daunting exam. Topics covered on the exam range from professional ethics to schematic designs.  Once you have passed the test, you will have satisfied the final requirement needed to apply for licensure in Montana.


The Future of Architecture in Montana

With its vast rugged landscape, Montana is defined by a seemingly endless expanse of untouched natural beauty. Much of its memorable architecture is centered on ranch style homes that sit atop hundreds of acres of land. It is one of the largest states by area, yet one of the smallest by population. Unfortunately, these conditions do create a strong employment environment for architects. Although the population has grown in recent years, one should not expect to find an abundance of architectural work in Montana anytime soon.  Many of the active firms in the state also serve its neighbors of Wyoming and Colorado. However, those who do launch a career in this state will have the ability to conduct their work in a stunningly beautiful setting.