Accredited Architecture Schools in North Dakota

This is a complete list of all of the NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in North Dakota:

There are 0 accredited Bachelor of Architecture Schools in North Dakota.

There is 1 accredited Master of Architecture School in North Dakota.

North Dakota State University School of Architecture (M. Arch)

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North Dakota Architecture Statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics reports the following figures for Architects in the state of North Dakota.

Mean Annual Salary: $68,450

Mean Hourly Wage: $32.91

Total Employment: 5,440

Active Architecture Firms: 42


An Analysis of the Statistics

Although its total population is very low, North Dakota architecture statistics are very optimistic. Professionals in the state can expect an average salary of $68,450 or $32.91 per hour, which is slightly below the national average. In 2012, total employment was at 5,440 with 42 firms registered as active. The statistics seem unimpressive at first, but there is an upward trend that will produce higher salaries and higher employment rates in the future.


Becoming an Architect in North Dakota

What does it take to become an architect? North Dakota has created a clear set of guidelines to follow if you intend on practicing architecture in the state. The steps outlined below must be satisfied before you can practice architecture in this state.

The North Dakota State Board of Architecture is in charge of regulating the issuance of architecture licenses.  In order to practice architecture professionally, you must seek your license through this department. North Dakota has adopted the framework of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) to set the standards of occupational licensing. NCARB requirements can be separated into three separate sections as outlined below.


Accredited College Degree. It is essential to pursue a college degree that has been approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). There is only one university in the state that offers compatible accreditation, which is North Dakota State University. The program is well respected and is responsible for educating the majority of architects who practice in the state. There are three basic routes you can follow to pursue a compatible education. (1) Obtain a Bachelor of Architecture with a minimum total of 150 semester hours. (2) Obtain a Masters of Architecture with at least 30 semester hours beyond your undergraduate coursework. (3) Obtain a Doctor of Architecture with at least 90 semester hours beyond undergraduate coursework.


Internship. Gaining experience through the Internship Development Program (IDP) is the second major step for the aspiring architect. All students must work at the internship level before becoming eligible to practice architecture independently. IDP is designed to provide the student with quality training that will provide the hands on experience needed to thrive in this industry. The program also provides many opportunities to network with established professionals working in North Dakota.


Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The Architect Registration Examination is the last step in the career progression. The ARE test is comprehensive and will be taken in seven different sections. It will test your knowledge on virtually every topic covered during the course of your college education. Although it is highly challenging, your experience in college and IDP will have you will prepared when it comes time to sit for the exam.


The Future of Architecture in North Dakota

The vast prairie land of North Dakota offers an ideal landscape for architectural innovation. In recent years, North Dakota has experienced an explosion in population growth. This is great news for aspiring architects because new structural projects will be needed to accommodate this growing population. Many public and private development projects are in the works and they will require the services of professional architects. North Dakota State University provides an affordable, high quality program that provides an excellent route to study architecture. Overall, the growing population and low cost of living of North Dakota creates an exceptional environment to launch a career in architecture.