Accredited Architecture Schools in Oklahoma

This is a complete list of all of the NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in Oklahoma:

There are 2 accredited Bachelor of Architecture Schools in Oklahoma.

There is 1 accredited Master of Architecture School in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State University School of Architecture (B. Arch)
University of Oklahoma School of Architecture (B. Arch; M. Arch)

More on Architecture in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma Architecture Statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics reports the following figures for Architects in the state of Oklahoma.

Mean Annual Salary: $75,360

Mean Hourly Wage: $36.23

Total Employment: 26,120

Active Architecture Firms: 325


What these figures mean to you

The vast plains of Oklahoma inspire a field of architecture that should get young architects excited. Oklahoma can boast employment figures that are very strong considering the state’s small population. Practicing architects in this state enjoy a comfortable average salary at $75,360 and total employment figures of 26,120 as of 2012. There are 325 active firms in the state, most of which are located near the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Becoming an Architect in Oklahoma

How can you become an architect? Oklahoma has set forth the licensure requirements as outlined below. Following this path closely and with a high attention to detail will put you on a surefire path to a career in this rewarding field.

The Oklahoma Board of Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects, and Registered Interior Designers is in place to protect the public welfare by making sure all practicing architects are appropriately reviewed. If you plan on becoming licensed in this state, you will need to follow the processes and procedures set by this department. The state of Oklahoma works together with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) to set a basic framework for architectural licensing.


Accredited College Degree. Oklahoma requires a degree that has been reviewed and approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Currently, Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma both offer NAAB accredited programs.  Enrollment can be sought through the School of Architecture at either of these institutes. There are three ways to achieve an acceptable education for this career. (1) Obtain a Bachelor of Architecture with a minimum total of 150 semester hours. (2) Obtain a Masters of Architecture with at least 30 semester hours beyond your undergraduate coursework. (3) Obtain a Doctor of Architecture with at least 90 semester hours beyond undergraduate coursework.


Internship. Before you can obtain a license to practice architecture, you must start with an unpaid internship. You will be required to participate in an experience-based program that is known as the Intern Development Program (IDP). As an intern, you will have the ability to develop your skills under the supervision of licensed professionals. During your enrollment in an accredited degree program, you will likely find architecture firms willing to hire talented students to start the IDP program. This is an excellent time to network with seasoned professionals in your local area.


Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The challenging Architect Registration Examination is the final obstacle to overcome before you can enter the field of architecture independently. This long and daunting seven-part exam is designed to test the aspiring architect for a library of knowledge achieved over many years of college and internship experience. This test covers a wide range of topics that range from building code standards to professional ethics, and everything in between.


The Future of Architecture in Oklahoma

Architecture rich Oklahoma has many examples of world-renowned structure designs, specifically in the Art Deco style.  Tulsa contains numerous examples of pioneering architecture throughout its city streets. The economy of Oklahoma has exhibited strong positive momentum in recent years. An addition of the state’s first professional sports team in Oklahoma has brought much prosperity to the region. This has strengthened the demand for the services of architects and this trend is likely to continue well into the future. As Oklahoma continues to grow, there will be many new exciting opportunities for architects in the coming years.