Accredited Architecture Schools in Oregon

This is a complete list of all of the NAAB Accredited Architecture Schools in Oregon:

There is 1 accredited Bachelor of Architecture School in Oregon.

There is 1 accredited Master of Architecture School in Oregon.

Portland State University School of Architecture (Candidate for M. Arch)
University of Oregon School of Architecture (B. Arch; M. Arch)

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Oregon Architecture Statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor statistics reports the following figures for Architects in the state of Oregon.

Mean Annual Salary: $74,020

Mean Hourly Wage: $35.59

Total Employment: 31,110

Active Architecture Firms: 325


An Analysis of the Statistics

The pristine rocky coast and untouched greenery of Oregon make it a highly desirable place to establish an architecture career. Despite the state’s high cost of living, Oregonian architects earn wages slightly below the national average at $74,020 or 35.59 per hour. There are currently 325 active firms that employ a total of 31,110 people. Much of the population resides in rural areas, thus making Oregon a competitive area to practice architecture.


Becoming an Architect in Oregon

The state of Oregon’s requirements to become a licensed architect are outlined below. The aspiring architect should follow this path closely to ensure the quickest possible entry into this exciting career.

The Oregon Board of Architect Examiners is responsible for the licensing of all professionals within the state. In order to become licensed, you will need to follow the guidelines set by this agency. Oregon has adopted the guidelines set by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). The NCARB licensing method can be broken down into three important steps.


Accredited College Degree. If you plan on studying in Oregon, you will need to obtain your Architecture degree from either Portland State University PSU or the University of Oregon. You are required to obtain a degree that has been certified by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Depending on your current level of college experience, you can choose one of the following routes to complete an architecture education. (1) Obtain a Bachelor of Architecture with a minimum total of 150 semester hours. (2) Obtain a Masters of Architecture with at least 30 semester hours beyond your undergraduate coursework. (3) Obtain a Doctor of Architecture with at least 90 semester hours beyond undergraduate coursework.


Internship. All students are required to participate in the Intern Development Program (IDP). You will be placed under the supervision of a licensed professional and given the ability to experience the career first hand. In this step, you will have the ability to start applying the technical skills you have leaned through your college studies. This experience will also allow you to network with other established professionals in your local area.


Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The next important step before is to pass the Architect Registration Examination. This is a comprehensive seven-part exam that will test you on virtually every subject relevant to the profession. Your years of study in college should prepare you for the content on this test. Although the test is a major challenge, a consistent study effort will help you pass the exam successfully.


Oral Interview. The state of Oregon also requires new applicants to pass the Oregon Board of Architect Examiners Jurisprudence Examination and Oral Interview. This supplemental step is specific to the state to ensure that all professional meet quality standards designed to protect the public welfare.


The Future of Architecture in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest provides a landscape that has inspired architects since the area was discovered centuries ago. Portland is home to many modern architectural designs focused on sustainability. Political leaders in Oregon have made a strong push towards environmentally friendly development, inspiring architects to design buildings that incorporate both beauty and efficiency. However, there are only a limited number of available jobs in architecture, so it is a highly competitive state to find employment. Despite this fact, professional architects in Oregon enjoy a beautiful landscape and will have the opportunity to build some of the most progressive structures in the world.