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Alternative On-Campus Housing

Many universities offer their students several on-campus housing options in addition to dorms, including on-campus apartments and on-campus houses. Alternative on-campus housing is usually set aside to help certain types of students to participate in the campus community while maintaining much-need privacy and independence. For students with lifestyles or academic careers that dorm-style living arrangements can’t support, these other housing options make an excellent choice.As most universities only have a limited amount of residential space, on-campus houses and apartments are only open to students who meet specific guidelines. Often, these on-campus housing options are reserved for married students or for graduate students. Private houses and apartments can help married students to enjoy campus life while still maintaining a family-centric lifestyle at home. On-campus apartments work well for most married couples, but the increased privacy of a house makes this option ideal for couples with children.

Private on-campus housing can help graduate students to stay close to their professors and find the solitude they need to study in peace. Graduate students must often make frequent trips to the campus at any hour of the day or night, making on-campus living arrangements an ideal choice. However, living in a dorm does not provide a good work environment for a graduate student; rambunctious undergraduates can disrupt the studies of even the most focused students. Colleges offer on-campus apartments to support the school’s graduate students.

Alternative on-campus housing comes with its own perks and downfalls. In on-campus houses and apartments, you may still share your space with roommates, but you will have more space to yourself; most of these buildings give you your own bedroom. As an extra bonus, many university-owned properties already have basic furnishings, saving you the trouble of obtaining your own furniture.

In these alternative on-campus living arrangements, you will be responsible for your own meals and other tasks, including cleaning the bathroom. Although some universities include basic utility fees in your rent, you may have to pay extra for other utilities, such as cable television or phone service. The overall price of on-campus apartments and houses is often much higher than the price of a room in a dorm. However, for certain students, the benefits of these alternative arrangements are well worth the additional cost.

On most campuses, alternative on-campus housing is highly competitive as many students crave private housing. However, availability for on-campus apartments and houses is limited; these alternative arrangements cannot accommodate as many students as dorms. New students who want to live on campus typically do not qualify for on-campus houses and apartments. For those students who do meet the guidelines, however, these private on-campus housing options promise personal space with all of the perks of living on campus.

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