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What Is Architecture School Like

This is it. You’ve got your acceptance letter in hand, your scholarships and student loans are all lined up, and you’re ready for architecture school!

But what, exactly, are you ready for?

In some ways your experiences in the very first year of architecture school won’t be too different from what your peers in other programs are experiencing. There’s a big gap from high school to university that all of you will have to contend with – bigger classes, more homework, higher standards, shorter deadlines – and you’ll find yourself taking a few of the same general degree requirements as everyone else, like English, introductory math and psychology. At this stage of things, you don’t want to be getting too close to your architecture classmates just yet. Architecture programs have a much higher dropout rate than other programs in their first year, as students realize that this career path isn’t right for them and switch into other majors. But after that initial exodus from the program is over, you and your remaining classmates will likely be receiving your diplomas together on graduation day.

How Hard Is It To Get Into Architecture School - My School of Architecture

How Hard Is It To Get Into Architecture School

How hard is it to get into architecture school?  That depends on a number of variables.  If you are wanting to get into an Ivy League school’s architecture program, then you might want to be at the top of your class (Harvard accepts just 15% of its applicants for architecture school, according to one recently accepted student).  But if you are just looking to get into any school that offers a professional architecture degree, then you have a good chance, depending on how hard you want to work for it.  There are 123 schools that offer a professional architecture degree (approved by the NAAB, which is required to receive your architecture license in most states).  From these schools, there are 154 professional programs: 58 Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) degree programs, 95 Master of Architecture (M. Arch) degree programs, and 1 Doctor of Architecture (D. Arch) degree program.

List of All NAAB Accredited Schools of Architecture

Complete List of Accredited Schools of Architecture

This is the complete list of NAAB accredited architecture schools. If it is not on this list, it is not an NAAB approved professional architecture degree.

Off-Campus Housing - My School of Architecture

Off-Campus Living Opportunities

For many students, the decision to try off-campus living comes after careful consideration. In some situations, a student may simply prefer off-campus living. These students may prefer to focus their time on their studies instead of an on-campus social life. In other cases, a student may have applied to live on campus, but the university wasn’t able to find space for the student. Regardless of the reason, many students take advantage of off-campus living opportunities during their time at college.

Preparing for an Interview - My School of Architecture

Preparing for an Architecture University Admissions Interview

If you happened to be accepted into an architecture school that requires you to attend an admissions interview, then this post is for you. Preparing for an architecture admissions interview can be a very stressful experience for many people, especially since a lot can be at stake, so knowing what to expect for the interview and knowing how to prepare can make the difference between getting accepted by the architecture department and being turned away.

The most important part of any interview is to familiarize yourself with the architecture department’s program. Research what the architecture program is about, being sure to write down any questions you may have, and be prepared to talk about this. Not knowing anything about the school or program can be detrimental, and having even a minor inkling of these things will work greatly in your favor. Come prepared to ask a few questions, as showing curiosity about the architecture department’s program and university will show the interviewer just how much you want to attend the school.

How to Ace the SATs - My School of Architecture

How to Ace the SATs

As one of the most widely used standardized tests in the world, the SAT is designed to test the skills that students learn in high school and how well they can apply that knowledge. Colleges use SAT scores in combination with other factors, including high school grade point average, to help determine admission, so it is crucial to understand the test beforehand in order to properly prepare for this crucial test.

Life in On-Campus Housing - My School of Architecture

Life in On-Campus Housing

Life in on-campus housing offers a new experience to participating students, especially to those who have never lived independently. If you decide to try living on campus, you’ll discover a new world of opportunities in a social setting. Your life on campus will come with a few extra challenges, but the benefits will influence your college career in a positive way.Due to the popularity of on-campus housing, you may have to apply to get into a dorm. Many universities only have a limited amount of space for student housing, making the application process competitive. If you want to live on campus, you must apply early.

Placement Testing - My School of Architecture

Community College Placement Tests

Community colleges require new students to take placement tests as part of the school’s admission policy before registering for classes. Placement tests are academic assessments that help place students in appropriate levels of classes based on skill level. Most colleges require testing in the areas of math, reading and writing. Math tests will cover topics ranging from general arithmetic concepts to college algebra and may include higher skill levels such as trigonometry and calculus. Reading and writing tests will focus on comprehension and essay writing. Students should contact their local college to determine what specific tests are administered prior to admission.

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