Getting Ready For Architecture School

Getting Ready For Architecture School

An architect is a professional who is trained to plan and draw designs for buildings and other structures. The specific job duties of an architect may include things such as: consulting with clients to determine the best design for a project, preparing scaled drawings of a project and visiting worksites to make sure that construction workers adhere to the outline.

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education that is required to become an architect. Even though most bachelor’s degree programs last four years, architects typically spend five years in undergraduate school. There are a growing number of architects who are choosing to get their master’s degree in this field. It can take many architects up to five additional years to earn their master’s degree.

Architects can have a very satisfying and well-paying career. However, becoming an architect is anything but easy. That is why high school students should start preparing before they enter college. Below are some tips on preparing for a career in architecture:

Take courses in algebra, precalculus, physics and geometry

People who take strong college preparatory courses will be better prepared for the rigors of an architecture program. Precalculus, physics, geometry and algebra are some of the many courses that help students build up their math and critical thinking skills.

Students should try their best to earn high grades in their core courses. Architecture programs are very competitive, and admissions officers will usually pick the students who have the best grades. An overall 3.0 GPA will also put a student a step above the competition.

Improve your drawing skills

Architects are required to have above-average drawing skills. That is why students should make sure that they spend time practicing and improving their drawing skills. Additionally, students may also want to consider taking art courses.

Interview architects

It is always good to get advice from someone who has gone down the same road. Interviewing an architect is a great way to get a glimpse of what the field is like. Why did you choose to become an architect? How long did it take you to get a job? What is your typical workweek like? Do you frequently have to work over time? What are your likes and dislikes about the job? What else do I need to be doing to prepare for this career? Those are just a few of the many questions that every student should ask.

Consider completing an internship in architecture

The best way for students to determine whether a particular career is right for them is to get experience in the field. Not only does an internship prepare a student for a career in architecture, but it also looks great on a resume. Completing an internship shows that a person is serious about his career.
Employers are looking for serious and experienced candidates.

Again, all high school students who are interested in becoming an architect should start preparing now. Taking the core courses, improving one’s drawing skills, interviewing an architect and completing an internship will prepare a student for the rigors of this field.

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