How to Get Accepted Into Architecture School

How to Get Accepted Into Architecture School

Get Accepted Into Architecture School is a must-have guide for any student wanting to know what is needed to get into a professional architecture program.  Authored by a former student who attended a professional architecture degree program, this book provides all of the insights and tips as to how each student can increase their chances on getting into an NAAB-approved architecture program.


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Included inside:

  • Complete list of schools with NAAB-approved professional architecture programs
  • How to build experience now
  • What should be included in your application packet/portfolio
  • Examples of architecture program schedule by year
  • Checklists with important deadlines to meet
  • Classes to take that can help prepare you for architecture


Foreword by Marjorie Dickstein

  • Master of Architecture from Yale University
  • Licensed Architect, AIA, LEED® AP, NCARB-Certified

If you are dedicated to getting a career in architecture, this is a wonderful book.  –Charles Franklin

A well written book that will empower anyone seeking to enter the architectural profession at any level. It will eliminated doubts and equip you to get accepted into architecture school!   –Boomy Tokan

This well written book is a perfect guide for anyone who would like to graduate as an architect.  –Bobby Mitchelle