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Perks of Living in a College Dorm for Architecture Students

If you want to get the full college experience when you start the next phase of your education–architecture school–living in a college dorm can offer you many benefits. Dorm life, while in architecture school, keeps you in a central location close to all of the campus action. Although other living situations have their own benefits, some of the college dorm perks for dorm life are simply too compelling to be ignored. Living in a college dorm gives you easy access to the full range of campus services and facilities. If you need assistance with your homework, tutoring centers, helpful classmates, or even your professors, they are only a short walk away from your dorm. The college library, where you may do much of your research, is well within your reach even in the evening. If you need to find a quiet place to work away from your roommates, you won’t have to go far from your dorm to find a good spot on campus. While you are taking architecture studio classes, your studio will be an available to you nearly all hours of the night, and you will probably be spending a lot of time there; so living nearby will be a plus for you.

Dorm life while in architecture also helps you meet and socialize with your fellow students. At times you may be required to work on projects with classmates, so having a centralized location for all of you to frequently meet will be extremely helpful. Socializing with other students who live on campus and are in your architecture program is also a way to help relieve some of the stress. If you have trouble with a particularly difficult concept in a class, you’ll be near a full support network of people who you can ask for help at almost any hour of the day. By embracing dorm life, you’ll find it easy to attend regular campus activities, including sporting events, social clubs and more.

If you live in the college dorms, you can save money and time on major necessities. You won’t need to buy an expensive parking permit to park close to your class (again, in architecture school, this is key). Instead, you can simply leave your car at the dorm parking lot and walk to class. At some college dorms, you’ll find enough nearby stores and restaurants that you won’t even have to drive to take care of your other necessities; by living in a dorm, you might be able to avoid owning a car entirely. In addition, some college dorms include regular meals in your bill. You won’t need to worry about taking the time to fix your own meals.

Living in college dorms during your time in architecture school is not without its drawbacks, however. For example, you may end up with a noisy neighbor, or your roommate may have some annoying habits. But, since you will be spending a lot of time in the architecture department studios, this shouldn’t be an issue. These college dorm perks can help you to capitalize on the college experience.

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