Auburn University School of Architecture


Auburn, AL

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture


Auburn University offers the professional architecture degree, Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), which is a fully accredited program recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The B. Arch is a five-year curriculum, consisting of a Pre-Architecture and Professional stage of study. Admittance into the professional program is entirely dependent upon successfully completing the first year courses required as part of the Pre-Architecture stage. There are two ways in which to complete the First Year Pre-Architecture program: the Summer Design Studio and the Foundation unit Studio. The Summer Design Studio is available for students after meeting certain requirements deemed necessary by the School of Architecture. The Foundation unit Studio is reserved for the freshmen students who have shown exemplary academic performance either in their SAT/ACT scores, prior college GPA, or high school GPA. After successfully completing the five-year program at Auburn University, graduates must complete a 6-month internship before becoming eligible to take the ARE licensing exams.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (Pre-Landscape Architecture Track, for Master of Landscape Architecture Program)

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (Post Baccalaureate)


Auburn University was the first university in the south to offer an architecture program and was also one of the first to grant independence to an architecture program that had its beginnings from an engineering school. In 1912, the Architecture program was located within the School of Engineering. However, in 1927 Auburn University formed the School of Architecture and Applied arts. This became known as Auburn University’s College or Architecture, Design, and Construction (CADC) programs, which now ranks number nine among the nation’s best architecture programs and is currently ranked number four in the best architecture programs of the south. In fact, Auburn University’s School of Architecture has been ranked among the 20 best architecture programs for eight consecutive years. Today, about 1200 students attend the CADC’s undergraduate and graduate programs.