Tuskegee University School of Architecture


Tuskegee, AL

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture


Tuskegee University offers the professional architecture degree, Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch), which is a fully accredited program recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The Bachelor of Architecture is structured as a two plus three year curriculum. The first two years of the program is known as the Pre-Architecture program, giving students a well-rounded foundation of liberal arts courses, also requiring introductory courses in architectural history, design and graphics. The next three years of the Department of Architecture curriculum is referred to as the Professional Program. Students must apply for the Professional Program after successful completion of the first two years. Courses offered in the final three years of study at Tuskegee University include structural design, construction, urban planning, architectural history, architectural practice, architectural design, and environmental control systems.
Tuskegee University Department of Architecture is structured as a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree program, providing intense preparation in the science and art of architectural design. It offers a broadly based curriculum with course offerings in architectural practice, architectural history and theory, architectural design, architectural technology, and urban planning. Graduates of the Tuskegee University Department of Architecture enter the profession as well-trained individuals, competent in both simple building design and planning of urban design and building complexes. Upon graduating, students enter the field of architecture as interns who are fully qualified to become registered architects.
Tuskegee University works constantly to ensure that its Architecture curriculum continues to meet the high standards set by the NAAB. The world of architecture becomes alive to its students through the usage of design studios, visiting lectures, and field trips.


Tuskegee University was originally founded in a one room shack, thirty adults representing the first class of the college on July 4, 1881. The first teacher was Dr. Booker T. Washington. The original campus was soon moved, however, to the site of an abandoned plantation which is now the center of the present site. Tuskegee University rose to national recognition under its founder Dr. Washington, who ran the university until his death in 1915. The university gained institutional independence in 1892 when legislation of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute was granted rights to act independently of the state of Alabama. Tuskegee University was also home to the Tuskegee Airmen flight training program, becoming a forerunner in the Civil Rights Movement. The school attained University status in 1985.