Academy of Art University School of Architecture


San Francisco, CA

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


The Academy of Art University offers the professional architecture degree, Master of Architecture (M. Arch) which is a fully accredited program recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). There are two graduate tracks in obtaining a professional degree in architecture. Track 1 is a 63-unit or 5-semester M. Arch program and track 2 is an 87-unit or 8-semester M. Arch program. A student choosing to take the track 1 path toward their professional degree could expect to have 15 credit hours per semester whereas a student gearing toward the track 2 degree program could lighten their load by beginning with 9 credit hours and have it gradually increase to 12 credits during their second and third years of school. This allows students the opportunity to choose how quickly they would like to finish the program and gives them a choice of how heavy a course load to take per semester. The Academy of Art University School Of Architecture encourages its students to delve into the artistic freedom and visual expression of architecture, not only in the education, but also in the format of the curriculum.


The Academy of Art University School Of Architecture encourages its students to explore the artistic realm of architecture, revealing the depths of functional and visual possibilities. This university, being focused mainly upon an artistic perception, seeks to pursue design creativity in the social, physical, and natural environments. The Design Studios, being a monumental part of the curriculum of the Academy of Art University School of Architecture, concentrates upon the development of sustainable urban and residential structures. Creativity and artistic vision together with the collaboration of technical information and critical thinking prepares the students of the Academy of Art University to head the way as active participants in the field of architecture.