California State Polytechnic University in Pomona School of Architecture


Walnut, CA

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture; Master of Architecture


Cal Poly State University in Pomona offers the professional architecture degrees, Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) and Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The B. Arch program is a five-year program of study (246 credits) and the M. Arch degree program is a 3-year and a quarter curriculum. Both programs combine the learning of architectural practice and processes of decision making. Students are expected to take courses in Structures, Codes and Digital Media, Human Behavior, Programming, Architecture Theory and History, and Building Technology. The Master of Architecture discipline provides students with a wider-based foundation offering specialization in Historic Preservation or Sustainability. The Bachelor of Architecture program at Cal Poly in Pomona is highly competitive, offering only a limited number of slots for out-of-state residents while the Master of Architecture program is open to both non-California residents and international students—as well as the normal in-state applicants. The Department of Architecture is housed within the College of Environmental Design along with 3 other curriculums. The Architecture Department at Cal Poly continues the school’s hands-on approach, thus gaining recognition for its comprehensive workforce preparation.


Master of Architecture (Sustainable Architecture Concentration)


Cal Poly State University in Pomona opened its doors in 1938 with an all-male enrollment and an overall student body of 110. Women did not join the student body until 1961. Cal Poly was based out of San Luis Obispo until 1966 when the section that was known as the Kellogg Campus moved to Pomona. Despite gaining its own campus, Cal Poly in Pomona did not gain University status until 1972. Pomona is now known as the second largest of California University campuses.
Cal Poly State University in Pomona offers its students a learn-by-doing education and is one of the highest ranking public universities on the west coast of the United States. Architecture is only one of eight colleges at Cal Poly, contributing to the diversity of the university. Students are provided with multiple opportunities to participate in different clubs and organizations, volunteer in their community, or take on various internships. Learning is fostered in every aspect of campus life as students are encouraged to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to their everyday experiences.