Southern California Institute of Architecture


Los Angeles, CA

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture; Master of Architecture


Southern California Institute of Architecture offers the professional architecture degrees, Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) and Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The Bachelor of Architecture degree program is composed of the typical five-year curriculum with courses focused primarily upon personal reflection and the effect it has upon design ideas and the advancements of sustainable architecture. As well as the core requirements of the program, students are required to take a number of general education courses to help further their understanding and learning of the field of architecture.
The Master of Architecture program at Southern California Institute of Architecture offers the choice of either a 2-year or 3-year study. The 2-year program of study is completed within 5 terms and is reserved only for those students that already possess a Bachelor of Architecture. The purpose of the curriculum is to further build upon the already achieved foundation of architecture, giving advanced instruction on all segments of architecture. The 3-year program option is known as the M. Arch I and is intended for those students who hold a Bachelor degree in any other field. The level of instruction; therefore, concentrates mainly upon the production and creation of architecture as well as displaying how it is related to technological advances and social diversity. Both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs of architecture at the Southern California Institute of Architecture offer an advanced instruction in the analysis and creation of architecture both in the classroom and in studies abroad.


Located in what is known as the art district of Los Angeles, Southern California Institute of Architecture is one of the few independent Architecture schools in the United States. As such, the school strives to push the boundaries and norms of architectural design and artistic inspiration. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, about 500 students are currently attending the Institute of Architecture internationally as well as stateside. Students are given a top of the line education with professors that are typically practicing architects, and a classroom/studio instruction that challenges students to ask questions as well as search for new ways to create sustainable architecture. The DesignIntelligence survey from 2013 rates the Southern California Institute of Architecture as having first place programs in both undergraduate and graduate curriculums on the west coast of the United States.