University of California at Los Angeles School of Architecture


Los Angeles, CA

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


University of California at Los Angeles offers the professional architecture degree Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The Master of Architecture degree at UCLA offers high-level instruction with many members of its faculty being Pritzker Prize winners. The first professional degree offered or M. Arch I is a 3-year program of study intended for students who possess a Bachelor’s degree in any field of study. The M. Arch II degree is known as the SupraStudio and is meant to further research and education for an individual already having achieved a Bachelor of Architecture from an accredited university. It is one year and is a post-professional degree of study in which students work on an individual research topic, encouraging an in-depth look at the field of Architecture.


Master of Architecture, and Master of Urban and Regional Planning (Specialization: Ecology and Environmental Planning Issues)


The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has a different goal of all other universities: to be optimistic. In this they have achieved a bright past and future for themselves with 108 NCAA titles and 12 Nobel Prizes. Critical to UCLA’s success is encouragement of diversity, open-mindedness, and freedom of differing views and aspirations. UCLA strives to apply knowledge and creation to the betterment of our society; integrating knowledge, research, and debate into every facet of discipline. Students are therefore encouraged to debate amongst each other as well as research independently, encouraging further advancement socially and in a variety of curriculums. In a survey by London Times Higher Education, UCLA was rated to be number 13 in comparison to the 400 top-ranking universities., with the School of Art and Architecture ranked as number 4. University of California at Los Angeles aims to produce creative and innovative individuals, committed to academic advancement and service to the outside world.