University of Southern California School of Architecture


Los Angeles, CA

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture; Master of Architecture


The University of Southern California offers the professional architecture degrees Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) and Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The Bachelor of Architecture degree program offers two different levels of studies. The first one is intended as a foundation necessary to continue on to the second-level of study. The first level is carried throughout 10 semesters, and includes intensive design studios needed to encourage the skills and knowledge necessary to create architectural designs. At the end of the third year, the students complete a project basically summarizing what they have learned, allowing them to thereby continue on to the advanced level of study. The advanced study allows students to pursue their interests further choosing elective courses to take outside of the School of Architecture. This program culminates with the Fifth Year Comprehensive Studio which is required to receive the professional degree Bachelor of Architecture.
The Master of Architecture program is a 2-year curriculum of study and is intended for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in Architecture. It is a four-semester program with 3 semesters of core studios followed by an intensive fourth semester. As a whole the M. Arch degree at University of Southern California draws upon the inspirational creativity noted throughout Los Angeles as well as within the graduated alumni themselves such as Pritzker Prize winning Frank Gehry and Thom Mayne.


Graduate Certificate: Sustainable Cities


The University of Southern California was established in 1880 during a time when Los Angeles still lacked telephones and electricity. When the college first opened its doors it housed only 53 students and 10 faculty members. Today however, the University of Southern California is known to be a global center for up and coming technology, arts, and international trade opportunities. Not only does it offer its students multiple opportunities to study abroad but also enrolls more international students than any other university located in the United States, with about 7,200 enrolled each year. The University of Southern California encourages diversity throughout its academic system with 14% of its students being first-generation college students. Los Angeles’s university is one of the chief private research institutions and encourages its students to pursue cross-disciplines in academics and in different cultures. Both Bachelor and further advanced degrees are offered in many disciplines, including the study of Architecture.