Woodbury University School of Architecture


San Diego, CA

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture; Candidate for Master of Architecture


Woodbury University offers the professional architecture degrees Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) and is currently a candidate for Master of Architecture (M. Arch). Students at Woodbury University are offered a hands-on approach to the study of Architecture and are encouraged to study the geographic settings and surrounding environmental issues. The Bachelor of Architecture degree at Woodbury can be taken at both campuses and offer an array of inspirational surroundings. The B. Arch at the Los Angeles campus teaches its students to take an idea, whether structural or computational, and turn it into a physical object of study. This cultivates the skills of drawing, building, and writing. The second Woodbury campus located within historic Barrio Logan is an urban environment located at the Southwest end of the United States. Its geographic setting is easily affected by the constant architectural shifts and changing ecologies of an environment perpetually facing issues of environmental changes, military industry, and further political conflicts.
Woodbury University is now currently under review for an accredited Master of Architecture degree program. Once accredited, this program will have either two options for students pursuing their M. Arch degrees. The 2-year program is intended for students who already maintain a pre-professional degree in architecture. There will also be a 3-year program of study offered to those students that do not already posses a degree in architecture.


Woodbury University was founded in 1884 in one room within the historic district of Los Angeles by the entrepreneur F.C. Woodbury. It was originally called Woodbury’s Business College. The campus was located in Los Angeles for 103 years before it was eventually transferred to the 22.5-acre campus in Burbank, CA in 1987. The university today is located in the entertainment industry of Burbank, near several studios such as Universal, NBC, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, and Disney. Woodbury University offers a secondary campus in San Diego with both campuses offering a Bachelor of Architecture degree. The location of each campus offers its own environment and background for architecture students thereby giving each student a different conduit for expressing their skill and knowledge. The Architecture students of Woodbury University work within an intense studio curriculum focusing on the study of various subjects, issues, and locations.