University of Colorado at Denver School of Architecture


Denver, CO

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


The University of Colorado at Denver offers the professional architecture degree Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The students who do not possess a Bachelor of Architecture degree will be required to complete a seven-or-eight semester sequence culminating in 114 credit hours of coursework. The students who already have received a preprofessional degree in architecture must only complete a total of four semesters or 60 credit hours of coursework. There are five categories of requirements for the Master of Architecture degree at University of Colorado including: Cultural studies, Studio design studies, Technology studies, Professional studies, and finally Architectural-related electives. These requirements total up to 114 credit hours of course work. This wide range of course requirements allows students to choose the graduate studies that focus on their individual interests.


Located in downtown Denver, CO, the University of Colorado is one of the leading urban research universities in the United States and offers more than 130 programs in 13 various schools of discipline. More than 14,000 students attend the University of Colorado and are offered curriculums in the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level of education. When it originated, the university was an extension of the University of Colorado at Boulder. It now has become an urban learning center offering liberal arts and sciences and also holds a medical campus located in Aurora, CO. Forbes Magazine named the University of Colorado at Denver as number 34 on the public universities list, as it is known to the award the most graduate degrees in the state of Colorado and also receives the most research funding. This college offers a Masters of Architecture degree, and in fact is Colorado’s only professional school for architecture. Furthermore, the University of Colorado is a draw for those students comfortable with smaller class sizes as each class holds about 29 students per course.