University of Hartford School of Architecture


West Hartford, CT

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


The University of Hartford at Connecticut offers the professional architecture degree Master of Architecture (M. Arch). The Master of Architecture degree program offers a curriculum of integrated studies of engineering, artistry, and an understanding of business principles. The University of Hartford offers graduate students the opportunity to accomplish dual degree programs in which they achieve not only a Masters of Architecture but also a degree in either business or engineering. This provides a broader foundation of education in an ever-changing economy.


The University of Hartford, Connecticut was begun in 1957 as a charter school, merging the Hartford Art School, the School of Music, and Hillyer College. It first originated as a school intended simply for the community of Hartford but now has grown from only a small commuter school to a residential campus offering 84 undergraduate degrees and 30 graduate programs. The community of Hartford is kept alive at its university campus as both the Hartford elementary school and high school are located there with their main concentrations being upon science and engineering. However, the school offers a vibrant and diverse community drawing students from all over the world as well as offering music, theatre, and dance courses for all ages. Students seeking a communal and personal feel as well as a global environment are drawn to the University of Hartford campus for their education. They are not only offered a quality education in various fields and studies, but are also invited to participate in the school’s Center for Community Service volunteer opportunities. Among the school’s 30 graduate studies is a program for a Master of Architecture degree.