Yale University School of Architecture


New Haven, CT

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


Yale University offers the professional architecture degree Master of Architecture (M. Arch). There are two different levels of instruction offered, depending upon the student’s background in architecture or related studies. For the students that hold a liberal arts degree and are pursuing a professional degree in architecture, the Master of Architecture I track requires a total of 3 years of study. Those students are taught to extend any creative abilities through building, computer-assisted drawing, and architectural design. A community building project is required of all students in the M. Arch I program, giving them an excellent opportunity to work alongside their classmates in the experience of completing a residential building process through to the final design. In the second year, they undertake a second design of an urban building, expanding their knowledge of urban architecture.
The M. Arch II program is for those students who already possess a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and are therefore seeking a secondary advanced degree. This degree program requires two years of studio-based study, but with the freedom to explore individual interests through courses outside of the School of Architecture as well as an individual-conception approach to design. This gives students a broader foundation in a cultural as well as social context of architectural design, as students are also allowed to create exhibitions, publications, and seminars, thus providing them with the opportunity to help shape their own curriculum.


Master of Environmental Design
Master of Architecture / Master of Environmental Design
Master of Architecture / Master of Environmental Management


Yale University is comprised of twelve different schools: Yale undergraduate college, the graduate school for arts and sciences, and ten professional schools. No matter what concentrations you wish to pursue, Yale offers both its undergraduate and graduate students a wide breadth of knowledge and opportunity. More than 2,000 undergraduate courses alone are offered yearly, as well as several advanced degree programs and are taught by a top-of-the-line faculty. First opening its doors in 1701, Yale University in Connecticut has become well known for its revolutionary developments in globalization. Becoming a global education center is the university’s primary goal as it strives to reach students across the world, providing various travel opportunities for its students, and addressing global issues in its curriculum. Approximately 10,000 of Yale’s graduates currently live in over 140 countries around the world; among those graduates are two former presidents of the United States. Students attending Yale University receive a well-rounded education, giving them the tools necessary to succeed in the job market.