Howard University School of Architecture


Washington, DC

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


Howard University offers the professional architecture degree Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch). The five-year Bachelor of Architecture program at Howard University is primarily focused on creative thinking, building problem-solving skills, and an expertise in preservation of the surrounding environment through architecture. Each student enrolled in Howard University’s Bachelor of Architecture degree program is instructed in research, design, how humans relate to their environment, computer systems, and architectural history. All of these subject areas aid the architecture student in becoming proficient in the ever-changing world of design, regardless of their particular architectural concentration. Learning is fostered primarily through Howard University’s Design Studio, instructing prospective architects in the research and design theory important in the study of architecture.


Howard University, located in Washington D.C. was originally started in 1867 shortly following the civil war, as a way to offer better educational opportunities for African-Americans. It continues to this day to be a private research institution that fosters the learning of Black students, providing them with the intensive and comprehensive skills needed to succeed in the job market. Education at Howard University is offered through undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. Due to the fact that Howard University is a private institution, it is committed to hiring faculty that truly cares about every student’s success. Although it is smaller, Howard University could also be called a global college as it strives to contribute to the global community.