The Catholic University of America School of Architecture


Washington, DC

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


The Catholic University of America offers the professional NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture degree (M. Arch). The University gives two different opens for prospective architecture students: Option 1 which is two years in length is for students who already possess a Bachelor of Architecture. Option 2 is for students who have a Bachelor’s degree in another field of study and takes a total of three years to complete. The Catholic University of America approaches the study of architecture with a deep belief in educating students in not only artistic creations but also a sense of ethics, as well as a desire to serve their surrounding community. The School of Architecture instructs students in architecture by teaching them to study the past and the foundation and discipline of architecture through the years. It primarily concentrates upon the well-known Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius’s three principles: delight, commodity, and firmness. This provides each graduate with a well-rounded knowledge of art, the human condition, and technical skills. The surrounding historic environment of Washington D.C, as well as other major cities is used as a type of laboratory for the instruction of design and planning of architecture.


Certificate in Sustainable Design

Master of Science in Sustainable Design


The Catholic University of America was originally established in 1887 by U.S. Catholic Bishops and was first intended as a graduate research center. In 1904, however, the University began offering undergraduate programs and has now grown to house 13 different schools and 21 research buildings. The college is unique in that it combines both a Catholic and American ideal of higher education and learning, offering a comprehensive selection of various disciplines. This private college has also become diverse as it not only draws students from all over the United States, but also from all over the world. With a University motto of “God is my Light,” the Catholic University of America is composed of a majority of Catholic students in both undergraduate and graduate disciplines. However, the University is open to people of all religions and offers all of its students a personalized learning experience as they are based in a smaller setting. Most of the students attending the Catholic University of America choose this particular college due to the promise of individual attention from the faculty, providing a more comprehensive learning experience. The college is in the heart of Washington D.C., offering students easy access to the historical and educational monuments surrounding them, giving especially architecture students plenty of inspiration as they approach their everyday schoolwork.