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Master of Architecture


The School of Architecture recognizes design as a synthesis of thinking, analyzing and making — an iterative process that engages, issues of space, historical precedent, sustainability, ecology, urbanity, landscape, built-form, and construction toward innovation. As Florida will soon support the third largest population in the US, the challenges of rapid growth within sensitive natural ecologies, fluctuating tourism, humid and hot climate, multiple urban centers, sprawling suburbs, dwindling agriculture, lack of mass transit, and extensive coastal hurricane threats requires integrative and collaborative design strategies for the future.

The School of Architecture is uniquely positioned to respond to these issues by deploying studio based design methodologies in collaboration with a new generation of experts in engineering, ecology, business, anthropology, energy, fine arts, medicine and construction. Within the University of Florida, the State’s flagship research institution, a trove of researchers and faculty dedicated to academic excellence and interdisciplinary collaboration are focused on the demands of changing culture. The SoA is one of seven programs associated within the College of Design, Construction and Planning — Architecture,Landscape Architecture, Planning, Preservation, Sustainability and the Built Environment, Interior Design and Building Construction. SoA faculty and students, working independently and collaboratively across disciplines through teaching, research and practice, have garnered international, national, state and local design awards, publish regularly and secure national, state and local grant funding for research based service learning and design projects. This body of work poses theoretical, poetic, cultural and practical questions and suggests responses through the discipline of design.


At UF, our students utilize more than 200 research, service and education centers, bureaus and institutes. With some of the most future-focused facilities led by some of the best minds in their fields, it’s no wonder UF is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities. Rankings like second among Forbes “Best Value Public Colleges” (2016) and second in Kiplinger’s “Best Values in Public Colleges” (2015) are a result of UF’s commitment to provide the highest quality education at the best value.

Whatever you have your sights set on, that’s merely the beginning. At UF, we help great students achieve greater. With an average 4.35 G.P.A. and an average S.A.T. score of 1919, applicants for our fall 2016 freshman class are anything but average. And while those numbers are impressive, for us, they’re just the beginning. Here, it’s not about the accomplishments of an individual; it’s what we can accomplish together.