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Illinois Institute of Technology


Chicago, IL

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture; Master of Architecture


Master of Science in Architecture (Specialization: Sustainable New Cities)


NOWNESS is our approach. There are no more boundaries, no eternal forms. We should not attempt to define architecture in an all- encompassing way but instead make possible an architecture of freedom. Now is the time for opportunities of innovation. Now is the time to conceive new strategies. We live in an era of rapid transition. More than ever before, technological developments have reshaped our perception of the world. Our world is becoming a single metropolis, with individual cities as neighborhoods. Our relationship to the environment has never been more challenged than it is today. How will architecture react to these developments?

IIT Architecture welcomes students, faculty, and guests from around the globe who share our interest in “Rethinking the Metropolis.” We will conduct research; we will analyze existing phenomena; we will learn from other disciplines. We will question the roles of architecture, landscape, and urbanism in our new conditions


The university and its contract research affiliate, IIT Research Institute (IITRI), have an annual research volume of $130 million. Current research strengths include fluid dynamics and aerospace, synchrotron radiation science, environmental engineering and regulatory policy, polymer science and recycling, food safety and technology, and transportation and infrastructure.

IIT has more than 40,000 living alumni and is known as the alma mater of accomplishments as well as of people. IIT and IITRI scientists and engineers have made some of the century’s most important technological advances, such as the invention of magnetic recording and the development of re-entry technology for spacecraft. IIT architects have shaped the skyline of Chicago and cities throughout the world.