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Boston Architectural College


Boston, MA

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Architecture; Master of Architecture


Bachelor of Design Studies in Sustainable Design

Master of Design Studies in Sustainable Design


Architecture expresses our dreams and values through designing spaces for people to live, work, and reflect. The BAC’s School of Architecture educates students to become citizen architects, learning from faculty, from professionals, and from one another. Our learning community is shaped by the work of our students and faculty, bringing together diverse identities and backgrounds into a meaningful dialogue to critique and transform places.

The BAC’s Bachelor and Master of Architecture programs, accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board, prepare students to become successful licensed architects through real-world practical experience, professional networks, and creative scholarly opportunities. The BAC’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture is a pre-professional program that can lead to our 2-Year Master of Architecture program.


Today’s design professions draw upon a shared fluency in creative thinking and problem-solving. Architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and the emerging design professions require skills in reading, writing, visual representation, critical thinking, and research that are shared across these fields. Foundation works to develop students’ design and technical skills; understanding of spatial relationships, human scale, and materiality; critical reading, writing, and research capabilities; and awareness of the design industry and professional practice, all of which are required to succeed in Segments II (Integration) and III (Synthesis). Taken together, these skills form a foundation of abilities that allow designers to generate and communicate ideas to each other and to the world at large.

The Boston Architectural College Foundation allows students to learn basic design skills in a collaborative learning environment. Students begin developing intellectual, professional and social networks that will serve them in their academic endeavors and extend to a lifetime of engagement with design and designers. Boundary-crossing networks expand creative possibilities by bringing together different ways of thinking and differing priorities.