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Morgan State University


Baltimore, MD

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Environmental Design


Morgan’s Graduate Program in Architecture has three interrelated missions: to educate students for the profession; to promote research of critical issues in urban architecture; and to serve the metropolitan region of Baltimore and the State of Maryland through its academic activities. Fundamental, too, is the international character of our faculty and students, which provides important context to our regional focus.

The Graduate Program in Architecture prepares students for the practice of architecture, with a special emphasis on groups historically underrepresented in the profession, including African Americans, women, and students from non-Western societies around the world. Professional preparation requires active study of rapidly changing material technologies, production methods, and representation techniques. In a world of diminished natural resources, degraded urban and suburban environments, and progressively more complicated social, cultural, economic and legal environment, our key objective is to nurture the academic progress of all students through a curriculum responsive to each student’s unique needs.


By action of the Maryland Legislature, the University has been designated as Maryland’s Public Urban University, with the responsibility of addressing the needs of residents, schools, and organizations within the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. Morgan State University is located in a residential area of northeast Baltimore City. It is easily accessible from downtown, the Baltimore beltway, and Interstate 95. Each year, the school enrolls an average of 7,700 students in programs from the baccalaureate level through the doctorate.

While Morgan is a historically black institution, it has served students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Its mission today is to enroll a student body that is diverse in its socioeconomic and academic status and to provide the full-range of experiences and services that permits it to successfully serve students with a wide variety of goals and needs.