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Southfield, MI

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


The College of Architecture and Design is dedicated to a pedagogy of “theory and practice”, the original motto of Lawrence Technological University. We advocate not one or the other, but both, integrated and coherent. Correspondingly, CoAD offers students insight into grounded design practice, crafted so that our students might enter thoughtfully into current modes of practice and, when appropriate, expand the conversations so that the practices of architecture and design might be more innovative, inclusive, and democratic. We endorse the idea of expanded practice, a “multi-disciplinary” approach to design that includes community-based activities as well as an emphasis upon immersive international experiences. And we promote the notion of advancing practice, design practice and ideas that enable us, as a culture, to make lives better. At the College of Architecture and Design, this idea has reinforced our conviction that technology is a human endeavor and a reflection of people at their best.


LAWRENCE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY was born 80 years ago in the middle of an innovation explosion that would change the world. None other than Henry and Edsel Ford helped launch the revolutionary experiment that would become LTU, providing guidance and space in their sprawling former Model T assembly plant for the fledgling school.

Today, we’re still changing the world. Since those early beginnings students and alumni have gone on to design and engineer the tools, buildings, and products that helped define their generations. And tomorrow’s LTU students will do the same.