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Montana State University


Bozeman, MT

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


Students at MSU’s School of Architecture learn how to design the spaces and structures where people live, work and play. Architects strive to play an essential and innovative role in improving the human condition for all communities. The School of Architecture empowers students to critically engage with the complexities of society and the natural environment by instilling the fundamental principles of design and inspiring a spirit of exploration and creative experimentation in shaping the built environment.

For almost 40 years, the Community Design Center (CDC) has served Montanans by connecting cutting edge design with the people who need it. The CDC reaches out to non-profit organizations and government agencies to provide the visioning, planning and conceptual design skills necessary to create great communities. Recent projects include the Baker, Montana Boom Housing and Growth Strategy, the Bechler Soldier Station Housing in Yellowstone National Park, the St. Regis Highway 191 corridor study and the Irving Elementary School greenhouse in Bozeman.


MSU prepares students to graduate equipped for careers and further education. MSU’s low student to faculty ratio means accessible professors and hands-on learning opportunities. Working alongside world-class faculty mentors, students discover new knowledge that helps to improve quality of life around the globe. This supportive and collaborative learning environment helps students succeed in competing for national and international scholarships and awards. In the past year alone, MSU students have received prestigious awards.

MSU maintains and exceeds a variety of accreditation requirements that were designed to ensure high quality educational standards. MSU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. During its most recent re-accreditation, MSU was commended for an “extremely high level of productivity and effectiveness.” In addition to national accreditation, many of MSU’s colleges, departments and programs also maintain rigorous accreditation credentials through discipline specific agencies