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Salt Lake City, UT

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


The University of Utah School of Architecture is committed to the belief that architectural education must take as its object the production of thoughtful and humane architects capable of thinking as creatively about their representations of the world as they think about building technology and design. The School of Architecture approaches teaching and practice with a rigor that holds us, and others, accountable to high standards, without loosing a sense of adventure, risk taking and discovery. We are dedicated to mentoring young people to help them discover where their passions lie.


Imagine what you want to accomplish, then really making it happen. Imagine designing and publishing a video game before earning your diploma, starting a business while studying business, and doing all this in a setting that begs you to get out and do something.

The University of Utah is one of the best in the nation at creating startup companies based on student and faculty research. This is indicative of the innovative and industrious thinking found across campus and in classrooms.