University of Washington School of Architecture


Seattle, WA

Degrees Offered

Master of Architecture


University of Washington School of Architecture offers the professional architecture degree, Master of Architecture (M. Arch), which is a fully accredited program recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The school has two routes to obtain a Master of Architecture degree: the 2+ and 3+ year programs. The 2+ year program is an option available to students who already have an architectural-focused pre-professional Bachelor degree. The 3+ year program is an option that is available to those who have a Bachelor degree in a non-architectural field.
The University of Washington School of Architecture also offers a 1+ year post-professional graduate architecture degree. This degree is not approved by the NAAB, as it is intended for students who already possess the Bachelor of Architecture degree that is approved as a professional degree.


PhD in the Built Environment (Specialization: Sustainable Systems and Prototypes)


The architecture program at University of Washington dates back to 1913, with Carl Gould (a graduate of Harvard and the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts of France) being called upon to grow the department. The school holds to its traditions of maintaining a hands-on and community involved program. Most graduate architecture projects take place within the area of Puget Sound and the local natural surroundings, as well as the urban setting. The program focuses on the material craft of architecture: wood craft, metal craft, tectonics, etc. In 2009, the department in which architecture is held was changed to the College of Built Environments. The College of Built Environments is also comprised of the landscape architecture, construction management, and urban design and planning departments.