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Syracuse University
PROGRAMS: Syracuse University School of Architecture

The School of Architecture offers one of the most distinguished undergraduate programs in the nation leading to a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree. The School provides a comprehensive and intellectually challenging approach to the design of the built environment. It is a course of study that recognizes the mix of art and technology, and responds to the changing demands of the profession and society.

The design studio sequence is at the core of our program and is unique to architectural education. It is here that students begin to understand the fundamentals of design, working alongside their classmates. Instruction takes place at the desk through extensive one-on-one communication with dedicated professors, and in formal and more casual reviews of work. In addition to studio and class work the School provides a renowned lecture series, as well as symposia and exhibitions by leading architects, critics, and scholars, many of whom also participate in studio reviews held throughout the semester.

As part of a major liberal arts university, students in the School of Architecture have access to a wide variety of courses throughout the campus and have the opportunity to broaden their intellectual and creative foundation. Students are encouraged to participate in the cultural and social life across the wide spectrum of offerings on campus and in the city of Syracuse.


The Graduate Programs at Syracuse Architecture are committed to the rigorous study and creative potential of the discipline as well as to understanding and exploring architecture’s complex cultural and social significance. Each of our programs aspires to produce graduates who, because they are deeply knowledgeable and conversant with architecture’s techniques, traditions, and modes of inquiry and production, are poised to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world that demands innovation and agility. From the fundamentals of professional training in the core courses of the M.Arch I curriculum to advanced design research in our post-professional M.Arch II Research program, our students investigate the most compelling contemporary issues and pursue diverse approaches to architectural practice and speculation.

Students at Syracuse Architecture have the opportunity to study multiple aspects of architecture and its related fields -design, urbanism and urban development, theory, history, technology, digital media and fabrication- and to work closely with faculty in small classes, as advisors for independent study projects and theses, or as research assistants. Our Slocum Hall facilities (or Florence and London Centers) immerse students in an academic and urban environment that stimulates and encourages graduate studies at the highest level.


ABOUT: Syracuse University School of Architecture
Architecture is a complex discipline that organizes diverse human needs and interests, ranging from the pragmatic to the visionary. Syracuse Architecture offers a professional education rooted in a humanistic tradition. This intellectual rigor enhances the understanding of the formative interaction between buildings and culture. Our intent is to educate broadly and to approach skill and technique with the same vitality as a comprehensive knowledge of the world.

The studio experience, at the core of both our undergraduate and graduate programs, focuses on the intense exploration of the creative process, supported by the most challenging approaches to history and theory in the context of the technologies that inform the future practice of our field. Students benefit from extensive one-on-one communication with faculty, in both formal reviews and informal interactions.

As part of its curriculum, the School of Architecture offers a series of lectures, symposia, and exhibitions featuring leading practitioners, critics, and scholars. Situated in a major liberal arts university, student have access to a wide variety of courses throughout the campus and are encouraged to participate in life outstide the studio–in other academic units, in the city of Syracuse, and beyond. Our goal is to set a lightning eye toward the future through innovative approaches to the physical as well as social landscape, and to prepare each student to respond with skill, intellect, and passion to the challenges on the path that each one constructs.


HISTORY: Syracuse University School of Architecture
Syracuse University is a private, coeducational university comprised of 13 colleges and schools offering opportunities for study in more than 200 subject areas in the professions and the liberal arts. The University offers a superb faculty, numerous resources for study and research, and an enormous range of opportunities for personal growth through intellectual, cultural, and social community activity. Its 12,128 full-time undergraduate students and 3,916 full-time graduate students are drawn from all 50 states, some 85 foreign countries, and a variety of social and economic backgrounds.

Syracuse University’s strength is based on the interactive and collaborative nature of many of its programs, where faculty and students learn, discover, and create through deep engagement and exchanges with practitioners and communities throughout the world.

The academic reputation of the University and the quality of the education offered is defined by the quality of its faculty and their scholarly distinction. The University seeks to attract excellent students with bold and diverse interests who will seize and build upon SU’s interdisciplinary and engagement opportunities on the campus, in the city, nationally and globally.


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