University of Southern California School of Architecture

University of Southern California

PROGRAMS: University of Southern California School of Architecture

There are approximately 600 students in the School of Architecture. The School of Architecture is consistently ranked amongst the best architecture schools in the country. Recently, Architectural Record placed USC 10th in a list of the country’s top undergraduate architecture schools. In 2006 and 2007, “Architect Magazine” ranked USC’s undergraduate program 5th nation-wide.

According to the 2011 Architectural Record’s annual “Top Ten” edition, the USC undergraduate architecture program was ranked 9th nationally.

In terms of academic programs, the school currently offers the following:


  • B. Arch (5 years, professional degree)
  • B.S. Arch. Studies (4 years, non-professional degree)
  • B.S. Civil Engineering (4 years, offered by the Viterbi School of Engineering)
  • B. Landscape Arch. (4 years)


  • M. Arch (2 programs: “Professional” – 2 years for students with pre-professional degree, and “Post-Professional” – 1.5 years for students who have completed a five-year undergraduate program
  • M. Building Science (1.5 years)
  • M. Historic Preservation (2 years)
  • M. Landscape Arch. (3 years)

Both the undergraduate “B. Arch” and the graduate “M. Arch +2″ are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The “NAAB” is the sole authority for granting accreditation for professional architecture degree programs.


ABOUT: University of Southern California School of Architecture

The University of Southern California School of Architecture is the architecture school at the University of Southern California. It is one of USC’s 17 professional schools, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, landscape architecture and historic preservation. The current dean is Qingyun Ma.


HISTORY: University of Southern California School of Architecture

The program at USC began as a small architectural department in 1916. Soon after, with the help of the Allied Architects of Los Angeles, a separate School of Architecture was established in 1925. By 1928, majors and degree-granting programs were provided to students. One of the earliest undergraduate programs was the 5-year professional Bachelor of Architecture program. Over the years, the school grew and expanded its influence as one of the premier architecture programs in the country. The school now offers 3 undergraduate degrees, 3 undergraduate minors, 4 master’s degrees and 1 Ph.D.


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